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0.4.2 is another small release mainly around tooltips and small quirks. New is the Materials Library FX addon. This one is also natively included into Blender 2.78 now.

Release notes for Bforartists
Version 0.4.2 - 16.09.2016

- Python example script throws error


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Another small release. This release is the final stroke below two very big issues that did not work. The try to implement the UI solution Qt. And the try to implement new Editor types.


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This release is a little quickshot to connect some loose ends that i had overlooked for version 0.3.0. Some more double menu entries removed. And the splash screen image is updated.

Release note Bforartists Version 0.3.1 - 26.3.2016

- Node Editor - Added menu entry for Link Viewer.


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This is the initial prototyping release for the new graphical UI. We will try to implement QT now.

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