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The differences between Bforartists 2 and Blender 2.8x:

Quickstart learning videos Bforartists 2:

Note that the quickstart videos are still work in progress.

Videos for Bforartists 1

Bforartists 1 was the version before Bforartists 2. It was based on Blender 2.79. And it is no longer supported, now that we have Bforartists 2 available. Which is based on Blender 2.83 and higher.


    What is Bforartists – This video describes what Bforartists is. A 3D Package to create 3D content.
    Why this Blender fork – A short explanation why the Blender Fork Bforartists exists.
    Differences between Blender and Bforartists – Bforartists is a fork of the popular 3D software Blender. This Video gives a quick overview over the differences between Blender and Bforartists.

Quickstart learning videos Bforartists 1:

Basics UI

The general UI concept – A short overview of the UI concept.
Panels – This video talks about Panels.
Toolbar Editor – This tutorial explains the setup of the toolbar editor in Bforartists
Scale UI – This video explains how to scale the user interface in Bforartists


Loop Selection in Edit Mode – A short overview over the UI concept.

UV Editing

UV Mapping Methods – A tutorial series around the UV Mapping methods.

Tools / Addons


Important Hotkeys Tool – The Important hotkeys tool is a helper tool that displays the most important hotkeys.
Mini Lightlib – Video Tutorial – Mini Lightlib is a light library add-on that comes with Bforartists.
Set Dimensions – Video Tutorial – The Set Dimensions add-on enables scaling selection in edit mode to World dimensions.
Align View Buttons – Video Tutorial – The Align View Buttons add-on is a row of navigation buttons in the header of the 3D view. The video explains the functionality.

Please note that Bforartists is, besides some aspects of the User Interface, very similiar to the official Blender Software. And this means that you can also follow Blender tutorials in many cases.

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