Developer Docs

Tutorials and how to’s:

Note that you could also use the Blender documentation. Bforartists is based at Blender.

Installing and building the repository

For Windows with VS 2017


Legacy docs:
The older version for Windows with VS 2013. Note that this version is outdated.

Building_Bforartists_with_Cmake_and_VS_2013_at_Windows_7.pdf – 1.6 Mb

For Linux

Building_with Ubuntu 17.pdf – 1.18 Mb
There is a Youtube video available that explains the same steps at Ubuntu 20:

For Mac

Please see the Blender documentation.


Implementing a new editor – pdf, 421 kb
Github Pull Request tutorial – pdf, 748 kb
Icontutorial – pdf 1.3 Mb – This tutorial explains how to add a new icon in Bforartists

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