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New Developer Doc – Implementing a new editor type

I have tried to implement a new editor type as you may know. And then abandoned it, since the last chapter made too much trouble. I will try to implement the needed features into the existing editors now.

The try was not a complete fail though. The first two chapters, creating the basic editor and adding a file menu, worked fine. The third chapter, the theming, was also working in the end. Even when i am not so sure if it was done correct. And just the last chapter, to add the content to the new editor, made big trouble then.

That’s three of four working. Enough for a little document that describes the necessary steps. And so i decided to put the information online before the information starts to rot at my hdd. Maybe it helps the one or another.

It’s in the developer docs sections. But you can also read it directly here: www.bforartists.de/data/tuts/implementing_new_editor_in_bforartists.pdf