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Bforartists 4.1.0 Officially Released

Bforartists 4 version 4.1.0 is the 3D Sequencer release

This release has a new feature called the 3D Sequencer, where you can use scene strips as shots in a “pinned” video sequencer timeline to change the 3D View scene contents, camera, and animation dynamically – also with a new Power User Tools addon and another 123 task and features added to everything from the latest from Blender 4.1.0 and 4.2.0 Alpha to the date.

Core New Features:
– New fixed Topbar Toolshelf
– New 3D Sequencer addon and workspace (in the Video Editing group)
– New Power User Tools (with initial operators for animation)

Bforartists 4.1.0 Officially Released

Per usual they can also be found in the download section of the official website:

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Thanks again for all your art, work and support! And a very special thank you to the developers maintaining this.

Draise, Reiner, Iyad, Blenux, Sean and the rest of the team