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      like name a program other than 3ds max and tell me which ones are z up based software it literally goes against the world like we have y axis and then an x axis why do i have to tippy toe and rotate my character on the x 90 degrees to make the orientation correct in unity

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        Hi doahsaur,

        Thanks for the suggestion. But this is technically unfortunately impossible for us to do. This would a this deep change at the source code that it would be close to a rewrite. And we at Bforartists mainly focus at UI UX issues.

        If even then you would have to ask the Blender developers for this. But the chance that this will ever happen is below zero. They won’t rewrite their code for that. Blender simply has Z up, that’s how it is designed and developed.

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          If you export with Transforms Applied dialogue of the exporter – it will store the correct up vector in the file (FBX), and import without a problem. you can also assign which axis you want as the front and top vector in the export dialogue too – manually setting it to be compatible with whatever software you are using.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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