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Downtime because of https ssl certificate trouble

We had some trouble with the automatic ssl certificate renewing for our https connection. It’s just valid for three months. Then you have to renew the certificate manually or automatically. Which as told failed. As a result the usual browsers, like Firefox and Chrome, has thrown an fat warning that the page is not secure anymore. And so the page was not to reach anymore. Nobody clicks at the add exception button when ff or chrome says the page is evil.

In fact the page was and is as secure as ever. It’s the browser manufacturers that is the problem here. They block secure https pages without a valid third hand ssl certificate, like page owners that run out of a certificate duration for one day would be mafia killers then. Guess who is the mafia here.

As a heads up, we may run into the same problem in three months again. That’s how long our certificate is valid without renewing. So don’t panic in case this happens again. We don’t have turned to the dark side of the internet. We have simply run out of a “valid” third hand ssl certificate then. But we hope that the automatic process is working proper this time. Which we know in three months …

Sorry for the inconvenience.