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Thank’s for the help. By the time i write this, on an other forum there is already more then 3600 views in just 2 month’s. That’s great to make more and more peoples see my free none official pdf guide on BforArtists.

It is not finished the basic free pdf guide, now i’m on the step to explain to import the UV mapped texture from BforArtists to Gimp. Then explain how to use basic things about Gimp to texturize the png image.

If you want you can see it online, even download it (still it is not finished). But explain many basic things that should be enough for BforArtists users at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17ANvDZvigt1y_UpNUBHhKyY2pZLu8HMr

One thing that i would “Definitly would love to know”. Is how for BforArtists v2, create my own splash screen background image that i would create. Then recompile it into a setup or install file. So when BforArtists v2 open, it show my splash screen image when the software open.

The reason that i would love to know how to do this is simple. I would like to bit***chhh my brother lolll. I found him many times arrogant, like if he is the center of the universe. So when he would open BforArtists v2 see the splash image when it open, it would be like a blast into his arrogant face each time he open the software lolllll.

Or maybe “simpler” since my lack of knowledges. I could create the image with my face and 3D stuff into. Your telling me what pixel size height and width the image should be. Then you would for me create the setup file with my splash background image into, that i can have and download.

Then i would put it on my google drive, writing him: Hey brother i know that you like 3D softwares and games, well here is a full free softwares that you can create 3D things, even 3D characters for games to use with no conditions (because open source and gpl3 license).

So he would download the setup file into a zip file, that i would put on my google drive. Put it on his computer, install it; then open the 3D software BforArtists v2. My splash background image apear with my face and 3D stuffs when the software open.

Yup the two words that come into my head is: “Bam” and “Awsome” into your face brother. Lolllll