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Rewritten Manual chapter 3.5 Editors – Movie Clip Editor.pdf

We have a new rewritten chapter for the Bforartists 1 manual. 3.5 Editors – Movie Clip Editor.pdf

Yes i know, i said the chapter Bforartists Manual 1 is closed. And that i work at the Bforartists 2 manual now. But this intermediate step here is simply too big. It would have been a shame to dismiss it. And so i have added this chapter to the Bforartists manual 1 now.

This manual part has grown now to 91 pages. It was around 30 or so before the rewrite. And i have removed lots of unnecessary and not belonging parts of the initial Blender manual. A general tutorial what Motion Tracking is, or so called best practice tips does simply not belong into a reference manual.

The manual is here: www.bforartists.de/wiki/bforartists-1-manual

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