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New Bforartists 2 Manual chapter – 6 Topbar

Development is not only writing code. But also documentation. A minimum as time consuming chapter as the development itself. The old Bforartists 1 manual is not really fitting anymore, too much changes with Bforartists 2. And i was never really happy with the old manual anyways. It was too much based at the former Blender structure and content, and carried too much bad attitudes from it. And so we write the Bforartists 2 manual from ground up new, chapter by chapter.

Today we have added a new chapter to the Bforartists 2 manual. Chapter 6  Topbar. It documents the Topbar, the header area, with its menus and tabs. More will follow.

You can find the new chapter in the wiki, in the Bforartists 2 Manual page. www.bforartists.de/wiki/bforartists-2-manual

The Bforartists 1 manual remains unchanged. This chapter is closed.