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Manual updated to Bforartists 0.9.6

The manual is now also up to date. The changes for Bforartists 0.9.6 are added and the content is updated. New is the chapter 3.1.2 – 3D View by tools – Header.pdf. It explains all the menus and its tools from the header area. This means that the Bforartists manual for the 3D view editor is now complete. Remains the other editors ^^

In detail the changes are as follow:

Files added:

3.1.2 – 3D View by tools – Header.pdf

Files removed:


Files modified:

2.1 Bforartists Standard Keymap.pdf
3.1.1 – 3D View by tools – Tool Shelf.pdf
3.1.3 – 3D View by tools – Properties Sidebar.pdf
3.5 Editors – Movie Clip Editor.pdf
3.6 Editors – Text Editor.pdf
3.9 Editors – Outliner.pdf
3.14 Editors – Toolbar Editor.pdf
20 Bforartists History.pdf