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    Another spanish speaking friend who works in the arts wondered if it were possible to improve the widget workflow in BFA. Things he suggested were to have shortcuts that only activate the move/rotate/scale widget – like most software do. At the moment WER move, rotate and scale immediately upon activation. Another issue was the widget dissappearing when in use.

    I personally don’t see a problem with the way a shortcut immediately activates the move/translate/scale mode, and actually find it more efficient, but it is a valid thought, and yes, not a lot of widget feedback is a bit jarring.

    What do you think?

    Current solution is having the Pie menu activate with CTRL+SPACE to pull the widget toggles, but the widget is only one widget at a time and there are no axis limits that you can toggle on mouse over – I have no idea if shortcuts can be assigned to that. 

    We discussed a bit about widgets on the side from other software, and I mentioned how both trueSpace and Softimage have widgets that parcially dissappear on use, leaving only the axis in use activated. I also mentioned my favorite widgets of all time, those of trueSpace, where they have volume, have a cage system, the widgets were moveable, and with a developer (Clinton) you could also place a system like pivot point through the widgets. They also were very dynamic, complete and not too obstrusive (you could always modify widgets too).  I have attached images from trueSpace.. what a fun little thing. I also explained how Softimage, instead of a 3D cursor, the 3D widget and where you placed it would be the 3D Cursor equivalent. At the moment the widget is always located center of object or selection and is not modifiable.  

    I understand there is a widget branch in Blender underway, but was wondering… would any of that “Work directly in the 3D space without an interface” type of mentality that trueSpace and in general, widgets, transfer to BFA and/or future releases of BFA? Will it depend on what Blender does? Will it be able to splice a developing widget branch sooner than Blender? Will widgets in BFA even be a thought to be developed? 

    Just curious!




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    I will make it short,

    Will widgets in BFA even be a thought to be developed? 

    I personally don’t have any intention to dive this deep into the Blender C code that i am able to develop widgets. You could try to find a developer that wants to :)

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