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    1. Im just login and what to ask the question Why the software its similar to Blender?

    2. If its new software why the color material based on nodes which are confusing. Why there is no drag and drop and preset material. There is a software called Keyshot for more infromation you can view the videos.

    You can just drag and drop and give much realistic material in new seconds. With HDR lights and no focusing light here and there and adjustments. If Bforartists is not similar coloring material this new feature can be added and can give new life to the software.




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    Hi atek,

    It is so similar because it is Blender under the hood.

    The changes in Bforartists are just at the user interface, not at how Blender works. To implement new features is out of scope for me. It took one and a half years just to implement the current changes.

    The differences to Blender are explained here:



    Kind regards


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