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    So this is one I’ve written for my own 3d modeller in the past. The idea is simple. If you quickly tap a key it executes an action and if you press and hold the same key it performs a different action. This should be added as an option to blender’s keybindings. It will allow for more maya-like functionality e.g how the spacebar key works in Maya. It will be possible to then have spacebar bound to both the quad view/single view switch and a pie menu.

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    Hi DMJC,

    Interesting approach. I personally find it a bit confusing though. It’s hard enough to remember one key. But you are welcome to try to implement such a feature :)

    Mh, it already exists here and there. For navigation for example. Pressing E key will enter the normal rotation mode. Pressing 2 x E key will enter the trackball navigation.

    Kind regards


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