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    blush Hey all!

       Ok. I just downloaded BForArtists but haven’t installed it yet. Before I do I’ve got some concerns where imported assets are concerned. Specifically this:

       All the characters with the exception of one of them have been created by Adobe Fuse. Whenever you upload a character to Mixamo it gives you the option of downloading said character in three formats. Namely DAE {ie Collada}, FBX, and FBX for Unity. This is what he looks like both with Fuse and uploaded to Mixamo:

       As you can see, he has already been painted etc etc and he is big enough to see details…

      I downloaded this character in FBX format. And my concern is this…

      When I imported him into the original Blender program then things went kind of heywire and here’s how/why:

    When I imported him into Blender {and fyi this happens with Unity too} he was tiny {which is kind of understandable because that happens with Photoshop too and you can make adjustments there}…

    He appeared with no colour whatsoever. So he looks like either an unpainted figurine. Or a figurine that has been painted white…

    The other problem…

    With the original version of Blender there is this shape object {there’s a choice between a cube, a tent and another shape}. I was able to download the character as a Wavefront {ie OBJ}. It uploaded to Photoshop. But the filter cube shows up as part of it. And you don’t really see either very well…

      I’ve actually looked at some of the artwork and it is very detailed. I don’t want these characters to look exactly like the samples that I have seen. But I want the characters that I am using to be visible enough so that I can work with them in BForA. And I want them to maintain their original colouring. Barring that can I access character assets with a similar type of appearance? Asking because {even though I’m making an animatted film} “Friends” is not a comedy and some of the Blender character assets that I have seen look literally silly and comedic. They would do great in a Looney Tunes-esque film or other comedic cartoon film/TV show situation {no offense, ok?}. Also. The majority of my film takes place in England {more specifically London}. Even those who don’t look silly/comedic didn’t have the facial features needed for the film.

    Another thing for this film. The four main characters are savant musicians. Their appearances {as well as those of the of the other characters} need to match their dispositions. So a little bit on each character’s personality/disposition/behaviour {with the exception of the historically based characters and bit part characters}:

    Bedwir- Age twenty. A talented vocalist and songwriter with an imaginative streak. Straightened up and dedicated to his occupation. He is quiet and contemplative. But also has a playful side. He is intellegent but possesses a strong fear of violence and draws strength and peace from his friendships.

    Pagey-.Aged twenty three. Dedicated and talented. Like Bedwir he has a rich imagination. Pagey has both a playful side and a quiet disposition. As the eldest of the four he acts as the protector for the group.

    Jonesy- Arranges music and plays both bass and keyboards. Jonesy is buttoned down in the extreme.

    Bonzo- Age twenty one. A talented percussionist. He is equal parts quiet and high-strung.

    This is what everyone looked like in 1969 and early 1970:

    Other characters:









    Bit Part Characters:

    Bert- Bedwir’s father. He should be wearing slacks that are either gray or tan and a buttonup shirt that is either white or butter yellow. Has short gray hair is straight

    Anne- Pagey’s mother. She also has gray hair. But it is curly and she should be wearing a tea dress {called a housedress in the USA} and square heels.

    George Ackley- Former prefect at King Ed’s School with whom Bedwir has become close. As an adult he works in a factory. As a student he would be wearing something like this:

    Constable- Policeman in Manchester. He should look kind of like this:

    Get back to me on this please,


    FreedomDylan blush

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    Hi FreedomDylan, and welcome,

    For the FBX scaling, have a look at the import dialog. Set the scale factor to 100 when your mesh comes in too tiny.

    In Unity the importer has still the scale default of 0.01 from what i remember. And the Unity developers were not to convince. Set it to 1, and your mesh should come in with the correct scale.

    “Unpainted” means that you have lost the textures at one point. There are several causes possible for that. Do you even provide the textures with the fbx file? When everything else fails then you have to reassign the textures in the materials again. This step depends of your chosen renderer. In Blender 2.7x it’s the Blender Internal. We at Bforartists have Cycles as the default renderer. That’s two completely different material systems.

    Regarding the last problem, could you please explain it a bit better? I am lost :)

    Looks like you tried to add external images, which did not work. At least the text reads this way. You can attach images to a posting at the bottom, in the Attach Image dialog.

    Kind regards


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