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    I stumbled onto this using a site called http://alternativeto.net/ looking for altertives for topogun. im a amature game artist, I mostly use unreal engine for my game engine but I am trying new piplines for creating game assets. sense I graduated from art school its been hard trying to find software for 3d modeling that wasnt to confusing sense im not a programer. I have tried blender but was totally turned off by the interface. it felt like it would take years to get a good understanding of how things worked. I come from a long autodesk maya background I can could do most basic stuff like vfx, modeling, uv mapping quite well. but now sense im out of school and cant afforid 1k+ a year for a single copy of maya im looking around. I am really excited to try this software out. ill keep you guys posted on what kind of work I produce while working in this software cant wait to see for myself!

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    Hi JackTheWhite,

    And welcome. I am looking forward to your results :)

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