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    Hi. For starters – I’m not sure if this is really a software built on blender, or just some reskin combined with addons, so I’m not sure if what I ask for is possible. 

    I’d love to be able to do stuff without using my keyboard too much. When I’m tired sometimes I like to put my left elbow on the desk and just use mouse. But Blender…  Let’s say I want to manipulate keyframes in dope sheet. Why can’t I box-select keyframes with LMB? It does nothing when it’s not on a keyframe position anyway. Ok, so I set it to additional 4th mouse button. Cool. Now I can select multiple keyframes with the thumb button and drag them around, right? Of course not, this is Blender. If I select all the keyframes I want and drag one fo them, all the other keyframes will deselect. I have to press another button (G) to move them around. So what now, do I bind it to 5th mouse button? It’s one of the most unintuitive things in Blender. Could it get fixed in bforartists?

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    Hi Shaggy,

    Thanks for your input. As you have already noticed, we already have a thread for this issue :)



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