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    Hi bforatic forum participant

    i have been using blender and now for artist for a while when I need to design more complicated shapes I think both programs lack some features .The first is hide when I have saved some
    of a mesh, it would be nice that in hide there was a possibility that what was stored in hide could be seen but not affected by for example proponal editing or other functions in edit mode.
    The next thing I think it might be nice if there were more options in proponal editing I could well sometimes miss more options for designing my own proponal editing curves.
    I know some programming I think the first suggestion is the easiest to introduce into the program
    but how difficult it will be to incorporate my suggestions into the program I think only I have a faint idea of. I hope some of you others have some clearer ideas of how it could do.
    I must apologize for my poor English, it has been partially translated by google translator.
    I have tried in advance to find out if others have had similar thoughts. I hope you can see the idea in my suggestions.

    Yours sincerely


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    Lets you see what hide has hidden.

    The first headline was incorrect.

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    Hi bumler,

    This sounds more like features, and not improvements in the UI.

    Feature requests are best done to Blender. Bforartists tries to improve the UI and the handling. We simply miss the manpower to develop features too.

    Blender has the page called rightclickselect to post ideas. https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/

    Kind regards


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    thank you for your answere.


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