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    After fixing up a key addon I needed (VSE transforms not registering shortcuts) – I am back in full production and I must say.. I am actually gravitating to Bforartists naturally and have tried placing some of it’s shortcuts back into Blender to follow up on some tutorials in the community – BFA’s shortcuts in Blender just… make more sense. I have started a paid freelance production with BFA.

    I have also enjoyed the workflow with all the closed tabs, icons and the awesome toolbar. It is really great, and handy. Best feature other than the cleaner orginization.

    The only thing I’m missing Shift A to pullup the create model panel. I know most of the system has been stripped of shortcut called panels, but I do miss it.

    It would be damn awesome to be able to assign a shortcut to open the menu from below, or to switch tabs in the minimalized panel system.

    So far so good with everything else.

    Keep up the good work guys, you are awesome and really.. I have been evangelizing it where I can as Blender is pretty big here in Colombia.



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