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      When you want UV seams you would right click and choose Mark Seam but BFA put it somewhere else. As I came here to ask where it was. I previously read BFA’s sort of mission statement, then I got it. BFA would put UV seams in the UV menu. Sure enough *snaps fingers* there is was. But I’m not always that clever.

      Where do I go to learn where things have been moved from Blender to BFA? Especially menu items that are normally concealed. I would consider that an important read to get comfortable with switching over to BFA.

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        Hi Eric,

        Great, isn’t it? That’s the whole idea about a good UI UX design. To be self explaining and target leading. In best case without the need to ever touch the manual 🙂

        This is of course not always possible. We rely too strong at Blender features. And sometimes you have to make compromises too. The manual is a good place to find out the not so obvious things. The all in one pdf allows full text search across the whole manual. Then there are the learning videos ( I wish i would have the time to extend it). And finally you can always ask at the board here, or in the Discord. Discord is usually faster 🙂

        Hope this helps


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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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