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    can someone here make a quick guide to compile blender in windows?

    I tried but it throws me a million errors, I do not sow usual windows, and I ignore many things about this o.s.

    please do not send me to read the dirty and poorly made page of blender.org developers, in fact I already pass by there, and I do not understand many things, they wrote it for their own use or for people who habitually compile things for microsoft, it is not my strong and is stuck with its documentation poorly made hippy style that characterizes them.

    Thanks for everything

    ammm ni siquiera entiendo bien como pasar de esta pagina, building blender


    Building Blender on Windows

    These are instructions to build Blender for Windows, with Microsoft Visual Studio. We officially support building with Visual Studio version 2015 and 2017, older versions do not work.

    Quick Setup

    Building Blender is not as hard as most people would think. For beginners, easiest is to follow these steps carefully. For more details and alternative ways to set up a build environment, see below.

    Install Development Tools

    To build Blender, Subversion, Git, CMake and Visual Studio must all be installed.

    • Install Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (free)
    • Install Subversion for Windows (SlikSVN)
    • Install Git for Windows

      • In the installer, choose to add Git to your PATH to ensure the Git version is in the splash screen.

    • Install CMake

      • In the installer set the system path option to Add CMake to the system PATH for all users.

    • Optional for NVIDIA GPUs: install CUDA 9.1 (exact version, newer versions may not work) for CUDA support in Cycles.

    Download Sources and Libraries

    Create a folder to store your copy of the Blender source code. This guide will assume your chosen folder is C:blender-git.

    Then open the command prompt window by hitting Windows+R, and then typing cmd, or by searching for it in the start menu. Then type the following commands.

    For 64-bit Windows, check out the precompiled libraries with Subversion like this:


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    The process is the same than under 7. We have a tutorial here: https://www.bforartists.de/data/tuts/Building_Bforartists_with_Cmake_and_VS_2013_at_Windows_7.pdf

    Draise is currently at extending this tutorial. He followed it before a few days.

    Regards VS 2017, they use it now for Blender 2.8. And so we will have to use it in the future development too. But everything before was made with VS 2013, including Bforartists 1.0.0.

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    Yehp, have done it. Took a while. I documented my whole process, but now I have the right recipe. I might try improve the tutorial. We’ll see how to do it with VS2017.


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    I updated the tutorial. Hopefully you’ll like it!


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