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    Hi everyone,

    i found a nice addon that has some more sculpt tools. I tried this in BFA, and it’s of course working fine. After installing the addon, you need to import the brushes on the last tab. I made a screenshot to show you the names of the sculpting tools :

    I played a bit with these tools, it’s really fun ;)

    You can find it here: https://www.blendernation.com/2015/02/17/free-blender-brushes/

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    I have used this addon before. I like it and it has an interesting way of listing and making your brushes into a icon/button panel dynamically, very good for quick brush changing… but compaired to some other brushes I’ve used, they do need some extra refinement. 

    Here are two brush packs I’ve used and loved:

    18 Rock Brushes

    and my personal favorite:

    Zbrush Orb Brushes pack

    I am not sure what the liscensing or attribution of these brushes would be, but it would be nice to have them included optionally with BFA on the getgo. They are very artistic.


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    CC-BY License, ack. CC 0 is compatible with GPL, but CC-BY not from what i know. Including will not happen, sorry ^^

    Damn licensing. You have to be a lawyer nowadays …

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    In Blender i used the addon refered by Argandos, but i can’t install it on BFA. Is it possible or not? And if possible how should i do this?

    Kind regard,


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    Works without a problem here. Just download the addon, go to user preferences>addons. Choose install from file at the bottom, locate the ZIP file, install and then activate the addon.

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