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    After having a a look at Zbrush tutorials, I realized the Dynatopo in Blender really is quite similar with some tweaking; and with some basic defaults you can get the most out of your sculpting quite easily. I wanted to suggest putting the following dynatopo default in the startup as the following:

    • Constant Detail at Res 15.00
    • Smooth Shaded (optional)

    The constant detail captures the best brush detail, and yes, ups the tris quickly (I usually sculpt at Res 30 anyway) so I though 15 or 12 would be a good moderate yet high enough detail size. I am basing this detail on a Blender unit being more or less a meter, so sculpting works alright.

    The issue with the default Relative Detail or Brush Detail – and the resolution they have by default – is that the brushes look nothing like the preview, things are jagged and the brush defaults are sometimes rendered useless and unpredictable without heavy dynatopo tweaking in the first place. With a constant detail, the brushes are predictable and sculpting actually feels like sculpting.

    So, I highly recommend, if there is to be Dynatopo tweaking, it is for optimizing the sculpting workflow with Relative or Brush detail tweaks, but should be artistic with predictable results with Constant Detail from the startup.

    Does it makes sense?



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    As with the other thread, i am super careful with changing defaults :)

    I wish i would be at the workflow issues already. It is planned to optimize exactly stuff like this. But there are so much other things to do first …

    Well, we can make it an issue. That way it isn’t forgotten :)

    Edit, task created: https://www.bforartists.de/content/have-look-dynatopo-defaults

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