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    When I thought of a customized version of Blender bforartist came to mind. Ya know that when you want to learn how to use Blender it’s not by reading the manual that you are gonna learn much.

    I thought of the idea of making a version of Blender that is educational. Similar to having Clippy but for Blender… Blippy? Anywhere you would leave your mouse on any part of the UI, a side text would teach you the use of the feature, how to use it with examples, mini tutorials, suggested values, even add your own notes so that you can remind yourself for the next time.

    Example: If you got to Object>Cleanup
    A popup will tell you, most likely a text box.  :good: “there are more options if you go to edit mode.”

    Example: In Depth of Field in the camera tab if you hover over the input boxes if will explain each function of that input.

    Example: I would add a note when I hover over the annotation tool in edit mode. On hover over the tool a note would pop up “You can only use the annotation eraser there is no delete annotation button.”

    The fun part is anyone can contribute their notes and hints, upon verification of course, so that you don’t go to the render button and it says “9/11 was an inside job” or some other irrelevant nonsense.

    This is not a request,  this is just me wanting to get your opinions on my idea.

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    Hi Eric,

    What you describe is one of our goals. A self explaining and target leading UI. We do exactly that every time we stumble across a tooltip that needs a better explanation. It’s a sysiphos work though. And best done at a one by one base. No easy task with more than 2000 single operators nowadays …

    When you find a tool where the tooltip doesn’t make any sense, then please report it. But note that not everything is possible. We are bound to the tooltip limits of Blender. That’s just so and so much text for example. We cannot add a complete cg tutorial in the tooltip. Usually i add what the tool does and how to use it in case it is unclear.

    Kind regards


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    Oh cool!

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