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    Oki :)

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    I like the horizontal “for” and the colour change – but I also would prefer it to be half size or a little smaller than the rest. Orange reminds me that it IS Blender, white might be problematic on white backgrounds. “For” is a secondary word to the other two and probably should reflect that by being smaller. An orange “for” reminding people that it indeed is blender makes it become symbolic. But those colours are not what is being used generally, maybe a lighter blue like the light blue of the logo?

    I like the new fancy logo a lot, much more attractive – specifically the first proposal, with smaller outlines. For web it’s awesome. I do also like just the plain solid colour and siluhuette of the logo too for other uses. It is typical to use both depending on the media, concerning web icon (just logo), header (logotype), print (siluette logo), etc.

    I also like the Dot and the verticle “for”. It looks like an exclamation mark, though I would make sure it was quite large to not be missed when scaled.

    Just to be.. democratic. Here are my top 4 picks attached:


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    , I was also trying something with a smaller “for”, I agree, that it is just a secondary word, not so important for the message of the logo. But somehow I felt having all text the same size looked stronger. Below an image with the raised “for”. Never mind the colors I was experimenting with a different approach for this here. .^^

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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