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    If you are looking for powerful 3D animation software for PC, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss a list of the best 3D animation applications that we can use to get creative with our existing imagination.

    According to Tom Fronczak, who has been writing professionally about the gaming, film and technology industries for seven years. With his 3D graphics degrees in game art and design, he has seen, studied and experienced every aspect of the 2D and 3D video game industry. Over the years he has seen how any impressive amount of software can replace impressive individual skills, but in a competitive digital world where every artist must strive to be the best, it is important to have every advantage and always seek more experience, deep. in terms of software and engineering.

    Well, animation. Many people who used to be just a hobby are now starting to explore it. Animation schools have also sprung up and are competing to be the best. Apart from being loved since a long time ago and attracting people’s interest, his work, which incidentally as an animator, is also being looked at. Just as Illustrator is familiar with designing and designing, there are many software that are familiar with 3D animation. Want to know what 3D animation software that animators use? Here’s the list.

    1. Bforartists
    Bforartists is free open source 3D cartoon maker software for Windows. In it, you get a complete 3D suite to create 3D content (cartoons, models, etc.). Using it, you can also create game graphics, prerendered movies, and stills. In terms of its functionality, it is quite similar to Blender which offers the same set of features and tools. This software also uses base 3D models to create 3D cartoons. However, you can also create a complete cartoon character from scratch with this software. It also lets you import external 3D files of mainly 3D studio, X3D, FBX, etc. formats and make changes on it. Once a file gets imported, then you can view it in various layouts like Animation Layout, UV Layout, Compositing Layout, Scription Layout, etc.

    2. Autodesk Maya
    Maya is an Autodesk output software. Very well used for you to create and modeling. Maya also has a simulation tool that makes it easy for users. Of course, many people use it for VFX animation because of its advantages. How not, by adding some bones and using rigging techniques, Maya can make the characters we make move. Psst, this software is selling well among Hollywood animators.

    3. Autodesk 3Ds Max
    Literally 3Ds max is the older brother of Maya and both of Autodesk’s output. In some ways, this software is more complicated than Maya. However, it is quite easy to use in script mode for games, so 3Ds max is usually used for creating games.

    4. Blender
    Blender is one of the world’s leading open source 3D graphics applications. But make no mistake, even though the free quality of Blender is no less competitive. It is a software that allows the creation of a lot of 2D and 3D content, from modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and video post-processing. Unfortunately, this animation software is a little difficult to use.

    5. Cinema 4D
    This is a software recommended for beginners. Because Cinema is not as complicated as 3Ds max and Maya, and it doesn’t require high computer specifications. However, the results are still as good as any other 3D software.

    6. Posser
    Is a 3D software that is used only for modeling human characters. The results displayed are very good and more realistic than others. It’s also very easy to use.

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    Sorry, but this list is full of mistakes.

    None of the tools that you list are 3D Cartoon software. But full fledged 3D packages with which you can also make cartoonish looking content. And except Blender and Bforartists none in the list are free. And it is called Poser, not Posser. And you can’t model in Poser. And Blender is also not the leading 3D software. That’s Maya or Max, still. And so on. Rarely read an article that is this wrong to be honest.

    I have also removed the link since i find it suspect.

    Kind regards


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    I agree with you BFA, there are more 3d modeling software package; and many of them are not free.

    BforArtists and Blender is free and it is a modeling software that you can create 3D animations.

    Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3D Studio is “not free”. There have some free versions as Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool v7.5 and v6.01 (for personnal use and not for money making if i’m correct).

    Cinema4D is a software from the company Maxon and if you go on there website, you should notice on there page the word (Buy); prooving that the software is not free.

    As for the software Poser it is on PoserSoftware website and if you look at there website you see the word (store) and (buy) and (try). This indicate also that the software is not free.

    Dont know why you indicate it is free Brengkesan? For me Free mean you can use it “full” and use it for “personnal and commercial use” with no limitations and restrictions.

    There is a software that you can make some characters and “i think” it is free. It work with the software Blender and because BforArtists is based on Blender, then it might be compatible with BforArtists also i guess. The software is called: MakeHuman from the website MakeHumanCommunity.

    Thank’s for the time to read. A+


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