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    Hi Shaley.

    I have always had “The radio button App Store and Identified Developers” ticked. The error “Xxx.app is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash” is not offering any other options. Therefore xattr -cr takes me one step further.

    About the testing time. As retired ex corporate Industrial Designer,  I have plenty of time. But, I am just a user with lots of learning ahead.

    I am trying to build a 3d process based on NURBS modeling and Blender 3d Visualization. I am ex Keyshot with Network Rendering user. Bought the licenses also for home use. Keyshot is fantastic visualization software, and was working well, but came too expensive for a retiree with no business income.

    What you and the BFA team are doing, is very interesting and welcoming. I don’t like Blender UI that much. Therefore, I would like to see BFA as a one part of my hobby pipeline for final renderings, if possible.

    So, hopefully you and the BFA team can fix the problem for all of us. If  I am the only one having this problem, it is my typical bad luck. 😅