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    Hi Shaley.

    Downloaded BFA Apple Silicon version, and it is version 4.0.2. 👍

    Unzipped and moved it to Application Folder. It did not open. Moved the Zipped data to Application Folder and unzipped it there. Same error. “Bforartists 4.0.2. Mac Silicon.app” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the trash.

    The other problem I noticed with the 4.0.1. is Plasticity Blender Link. It works on Blender, but not on Bforartists. On Bforartists the addon recognizes the Platicity model, but will not import it in.

    Did the xattr -cr to Bforartists 4.0.2 Mac Silicon.app, and now it works. It has the same file import -problem with Plasticity as version the 4.0.1.