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    Hey Eric,

    First, when you want to know their opintion, then you should better ask them 🙂

    It was in the beginning all this and more. The sadest part was when some folks started to discredit me as a pedophile, rapist and sex offender to make me quiet and to make sure that nobody joins the project. And there were Blender developers involved too. Which made me quit Blender Artists and the Blender bubble in general then.

    But there was never much public statements about Bforartists from the Blender side. I just know of one, where they stated that the BFA icons does not fit the quality standard for Blender. Which is okay.

    Blender devs wants to develop Blender, so why should they care about other software. And they still have a completely different idea about UI UX design. Like the monochrome Icons. So there is little that we would have to speak. I respect that. And i wish the Blender developers still the best. As a Blender user i still report bugs when i find them. And more is not needed imho. Blender is open source, so everybody can grab the code and continue from there if he is unhappy. Which i did.

    When i started the fork the first thing i did was to contact Ton if he is fine with it and if there is something i should change. And he was fine. And from what i know he is still fine with what we do. That’s more than enough for me. Ton is a great guy and an open source enthusiast, and has my full respect 🙂

    Kind regards


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