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Thanks for the quick reply guys. I appreciate.

But let me argue against both points. ūüôā¬†Bforartists should be a more friendly version of Bender, right?

1 – Well, while I agree that is great that Bforartists wants to be less hotkey centric (which I agree with) there are some common used hotkeys that are used by the three main 3D apps in the market: Maya, Cinema 4D and 3dsMax. In all of them you have a quick hotkey to change from single to Quadview (Spacebar in Maya, middle mouse in Cinema 4D, Alt-W in 3ds Max). This is the type of common hotkeys that even people that prefer to do most of things in the menus (my case) will still use.

2 – The removal of the inset in the context is still a mistake. The inset in the Context Menu of Blender 3 is not the legacy one, it’s the current one. And, again, if we want to make Bforartists friendly to people transitioning from other programs, this is a must. Because you have the equivalent of Inset in the Face Contextual manu of all the main 3D apps (Inset in 3ds Max, Extrude Inner in C4D and Extrude offset in Maya).

Again, those are minor things but they are important. Right now I’m using Blender 3 instead of Bforartists because I can map the Quadview to Spacebar and I have Inset in the contextual menu.

On the other hand, Bfortists let me map the different Mesh Select Modes (Face, Vertex and Edges) to the Quick Favorites, emulating the Marking Menus in Maya, which is great and I can do that in Blender 3.