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I have found an addon for the software Blender version 2.79b, but it is said to not work with later versions. I wonder if there is experts that could be able to recreate this addon zip install file, but for the software BforArtists version 2.9.3

This addon for Blender version 2.79b can make possible to import and export Milkshape3d files (ms3d). It’s hard to believe but ms3d 3d model files is still used. Like the software Futurepinball use ms3d files. With the advanced features of a complimentary software called BAM (Better Arcade Mode); it can be used to create realistics pinball games. Even pinball games with special fx effects like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QcjBcTkVN0

I think the oldest version of Blender that had the possibility to import and export Milkshape3d file is Blender version 2.66. So when you think that peoples have done some work to make some zip install addon to work on Blender v2.79b, this indicate there is still peoples that have interest into the possibility to import-export-create (ms3d) Milkshape3d files.

I join this zip install addon here. I’m just hopping that some peoples will be able to create with it here some “zip install ms3d addon file” for the software BforArtists 2.9.3. Thank’s for your time.