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    Hi there

    I wonder if there is an addon for BforArtists that make possible to (import/export) Milkshape3D “*.ms3d” files. I know for Blender v2.66 (not sure) it have this addon plugin into. But i try to find out if there is some addons that make possible to import/export ms3d files? Many peoples think Milkshape3D modeling software is outdated. But i know that Futurepinball software that is still very popular and BAM Better Arcade Mode is well known. Even in the year 2020 and even with a Windows 10 OS.

    Is there is some place to find this addons to put into BforArtists, to import/export ms3d files? Also how to put this addon and install it (step by step) for BforArtists?

    Thank’s for your time and help.


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    Hi 20degree,

    I think i have seen such an addon. But i am not sure where and when. Milkshape 3d is too uncommon nowadays to include it into Bforartists though. And i am pretty sure that you would need to fix the addon too, since it was for Blender 2.6x as far as i remember. So you would first to convert it to Blender 2.8x

    In general we just include the official Blender addons, plus our own ones. No third party ones. As sorry as i am, we lack the manpower to maintain addons too.

    Kind regards



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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