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I’m having the same issue on a completely updated Debian 10 install (the current stable release, which Ubuntu is built on) with  2.8.0, and I ran into it with 2.7.0 as well.

It looks like what is happening is that with Ubuntu’s frequent release schedule, it picks up new versions of glibc from the core linux development branches much more often than any other distro.  That means the version of glibc that bForArtists gets compiled against in Ubuntu is far enough ahead of other distros that pretty much no other distro will have it.  Since it’s not a library that can be swapped out or upgraded easily, we can’t easily apt-get our way around this one, and it sounds like compiling locally has other big drawbacks.

I can understand not supporting every distro out there (there’s hundreds), but it seems like a more accurate way to label the Linux release is that it’s (basically) really only supported on Ubuntu.

Are there other solutions to this?  I made a clean break with Windows and 3dsmax to switch over to the blender ecosystem, and this is a major roadblock. :unsure: