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Hi ronin,

We simply replaced all Blender icons, and compiled the software 🙂

It’s not one location only, and not one icon only. It’s several locations. A few ones resides in the iconsheet for example. In release\datafiles\blender_icons.svg. The alert_icons.svg in the same folder also contains a blender icon. And a few more are in release\freedesktop\

And i am pretty sure there are more that i can’t remember at the moment.

The only one that really makes trouble is the blender_icons.svg. Here you need to generate the dat files for the icons.

We have a tutorial available how to change the icons in the blender_icons.svg. Hope that helps. https://www.bforartists.de/data/tuts/Icontutorial.pdf

Oh, and don’t use Inkscape version 1, but the old version 0.9x. Version 1 makes trouble with the old iconsheet and the python script to convert the icons to dat.

Kind regards


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