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Just wanted to write that the community in Discord has grown with a number of happy users (near 100 now) and a few regulars have been posting their art and WIPs. It moves a lot more than FB and Twitter apparently (and much easier to manage socially). Also, a lot of feedback has been given too, so been trying to post it back to the tracker, some ideas float, others haven’t but that’s ok. Lot’s of addon tips and links are shared too, and It’s feeling like a forum right now, I tried to structure it in a similar way to here – it’s just real time. Thanks for making the link to an official Discord space here with this project.

So.. thanks again for being open to that idea. I know Discord is growing a lot these days for these kinds of projects, and the idea of a forum but realtime live is a good thing for Bforartists in the long run. :dance: