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Hi BFA i try to figure out if into BforArtists v2, if users have the possibility to (show/hide) important hotkeys as your youtube quickstart navigation video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDzMx7huGzk

In your youtube video, i see there is a button called (Hide Text), that pressing it turn (On/Off) the important hotkeys of BforArtists v1 into the grid. Does it exist into version 2?

If this button dont exist into BforArtists v2, that make show important hotkeys into the grid. I have a great suggestion, how that would look this kind of button.

Since it is “HotKeys” i have found this site that has a vector pictogram of a Flame, that is CC0 license at:


With some “Vector Key” into the “Flame”, that peoples could figure as a “HotKey Button” an example of key (license unknown):


Thank’s for your time and help.