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You seem the only person here that help me understand Bforartists for my guide. Many thank’s to you!

At the time i write this, the other forum has almost reachead 1500 views. From near then 1300 views to 1500 views in just 1 day. Here is proof of what i’m telling about the views:

Going at the forum site here at:


You will notice the “subject title” that ive writen: “BforArtists Free 3D soft…..”. If you look my first message (the date), you’ll notice that it was writen 1 month ago. Again beside the title subject, you will see the number of views; wich is at this time near 1500 views in just 1 month.

In this section i have spoken about BforArtists, where to download it and that i indicate that i’m creating a free pdf basic guide about it. Peoples knowing my many free pdf guides about diverse softwares, i can say they have an urge for my free basic pdf guide about BforArtists.

I’m glad that you help me as a beginner to understand BforArtists, because without your help i could not much progress into my free pdf guide i’m building bit by bit.

I wonder if it’s ok that i mention yourself in the guide i’m building? I ask because i respect.

Gonna explain a little the loop cut in my guide before updating it, this thank’s to you. I wonder how to make apear the window (Adjust last operation) before and after the operation? In BforArtists version 1 and 2, because i just notice that the windows apear when i do the loop cut action.