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Well my free pdf guide about Milkshape3D i wanted to share it because it might help peoples understand fiew modeling things related to BforArtists.

I have made this Milkshape3D guide mostly oriented to the free software called Futurepinball. Wich is a software to create and program Futurepinball games then play them with the same software. Also Futurepinball can import 3D Milkshape models with a software that is called FPMEditor ( a bridge software to import export ms3d files ) into Futurepinball; that is on the site of Pinsimdb.org

I have created many free pdf guides also for the software Futurepinball. I have created a free pdf guide related to the site of: muses.org wich is a place to import radio stream player skins. A skin that ive created and programmed that is hosted on Muses.org is called: “shmusic”.

Ive also created a free pdf guide related to the software of: “MameWah” that is an game interface menu (skin) that you can create and program for playing games as Mame and Futurepinball.

An other guide i have created is for the software from Templatetoaster.com , that ive called: “free tt mini pdf guide”.

Brief i have created many free pdf guides of course, with the permissions and authorizations of company’s and peoples; by respect for them.

Since for me BforArtists seems more easy to use and intuitive (seems because not much time to experiment), and because i do believe that BforArtists is in the right path of making the use of a modeling software more simple; there is not many peoples that have time to create and learn 3D modeling softwares and guides/books.

I like to create free pdf guides and to help peoples to understand things easy. I can say that one of the administrators nicknamed: “TheNalex”, from the website of Gopinbal.com as some peoples there can say that the ways i explain things (softwares) is much more easy to understand. Many of them has told to my self reading my free pdf guides is well more easy (clear) to understand, beside authors that have years of experiences explaining softwares.

For now i have done printscreens for BforArtists explaining how to install BforArtists version 1.0.0, ive not put it online yet (showing progress). But as told i’ll surely need the help of peoples to understand the software BforArtists.