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Yes, i know what dmg is. The dmg from our maintainer was 120 mb. And yours is ways smaller. That’s why i ask. But the solution to the riddle could be the missing player here. 

Well, it’s a good place holder until our maintainer finds the time. So thanks for it :)

I expect that you have minimum one error in the console when you compile with the default settings. It will moan about missing alembic. Standard is unfortunately still off, it is the Blender default. We need to fix this at one point. So i would suggest to turn at least alembic to on in Cmake, then compile again.

In case you want to build a release version with everything needed on, there is a bunch of cmake files in Bforartistsbuild_filescmakeconfig. The one called blender_release.cmake contains the full settings for the release version.

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