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HI Wolfsbane,

Woah, honestly i can’t remember where exactly the location of the exe name is. It’s over two years ago that i have invested in this part. I think it was in the source/blender/blenlib/intern/winstuff.c file for Windows. But don’t nail me at it.

But you need to change it at more than one place anyways. It’s not done with changing one string. When you just change the exe name then it doesn’t compile anymore. It’s more a few dozen strings in two or three dozen files when i remember right. The good thing is, you have two software packages where you can compare. Use Grep on Linux and Grepwin on Windows, and search for Bforartists. Then go through the files …

The easiest way to fork the whole project is at github. You need a github account. And then there is this fork button up right at the Bforartists github page :)

Hope that helps :)

Kind regards