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Dunno, i would have to test it. But i am a single minded guy, not made for multitasking really. And my focus is at making and implementing the icons at the moment. So that we can finally come to the workflow chapter, and fix such things that you mention here ^^

I personally don’t want to go too far away from the Blender hotkeys really. We would loose too much potential users when the keymap becomes completely foreign for Blender users.

Personally I don’t like the selection first then hold hotkey to move objects, Silo style.. that sucks. But there may be a clue to make box select with a hotkey pressed instead of having it to activate.

Hm. It’s still a Blender code thing. The box select is not made to hold down a key and select. You have to activate it with a key, then you perform the selection. That’s what we have to deal with. And B for box select is imho perfectly fine.