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Personally I don’t like the selection first then hold hotkey to move objects, Silo style.. that sucks. But there may be a clue to make box select with a hotkey pressed instead of having it to activate.

Like this, for the outliner:


LMB DragMarquee Highlight Items
RMBOutliner Object Operation Menu
Shift LMB 2xClickSelection ala Shift+LMB in general Windows usage
Ctrl Shift LMBDeselect





Or these for linking with edit mode:

Edit Mode Hotkeys

LMB DoubleClickSelect Linked
Shift LMB DoubleClickExpand Selection to Linked



The pie menu’s are intersting, that’s for sure. There is one for snapping too, which would replace the snapping popup, also handy ones for orientation and the like. I know…. pie menus are pretty new, but they are really useful once learnt, and having them well setup with great defaults for artists would be really cool to have in BFA…, not all, but some good ones.