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    Having a distribution with other forks is an idea that has been cooking on the sidelines. I have a friend who has done a Goo Engine+Bforartists build. There is no stopping you from doing a merge of Bforaritsts into UBGE, since both repositories are on github and it would be relatively easy. Trick is making sure the merge goes smoothly with all features, adapting to the GUI pradigm, and then re-distribution.

    For us though, it would be quite an overhead to document, update and make sure everything from UPBGE is in the interface vision and philosophy of Bforartists before we could distribute it. It also may come under a vision debate since we build “for the artist”, not the “game developer” persay, but the artist in game dev sure…

    But with that said, volumetric viewport TAA is included from the UBGE with Bforartists, maybe small things could cross-pollinate.