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I can’t seem to reproduce the exact bug, but I found another bug, which I think is the addon.

1. Generate landscape
2. Generate Slope Weight Map
3. Erode (error + removes weight map)

In blender, there is a bug as in Bforaritsts. Using the Erode tools either in weight paint or object mode causes a bug due to a vertex group issue. Whatever vertex group that was made is erased then destroyed. But this bug is both true in Blender and the alpha builds of Blender.

But your specific bug I couldn’t find. Maybe it be best to talk with the addon dev about the issue – he should be able to support custom builds of Blender as much as an official build of Blender.

Though maybe it’s a version thing:
I am using 0.1.8 that comes with Bforartists 3.0.0

What version of the addon are you using? I don’t have the material and erosion panel with the default Blender addon. Maybe the Bforartists addon is out of date, or the one in Blender is a different version.