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OK, but here’s the problem. I don’t get these errors in standard Blender 3.0. In Blender 3.0 the addon works as expected, with no errors and with impressive results. Please refer to the below image that I just created a few minutes ago in Blender 3.0.

Normal, error-free results in Blender 3.0, and unusable, error-filled results in bforartists suggest that the issue is more likely to be in the bforartists application and less likely to be in the addon. Unless there is some extra hidden wizardry in Blender 3.0 or the addon that we are not aware of and haven’t controlled for. And you are the expert programmer, not me. So, the resolution to this mystery is going to guided by your experience not mine.

Not essential for me, but I do like to use bforartists for outdoor scenes.


Do you still think this is a bug I should report via github?