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Wireframex, long time ago i have created by “text only” no printscreens a Softimage XSI Mod Tool version 6.01 basic pdf guide. I asked long time ago Autodesk to simply give me an email indicating that yes i can do printscreens of Autodesk softwares, but they have givin me some link to some complicated terms; when i simply just wanted a simple “yes” in my e-mail to protect my self for doing printscreens of there softwares. So the guide was just “text” telling click this at that place, then this at that other place; for doing this thing result.

I also have created many free none official pdf guides about different softwares for different websites. “But not gonna talk about it here” by respect of this post. If you want to know more, if you want you can pm me here; gonna reply when i can. Also have created long time ago a BforArtists v2 none official pdf guide, posted it on some website quite a while; and i know it have reached more than 28,000 views. This thank’s from BFA for his help into BforArtists and the press kit that i could have, to do some background image design for the pages; of my free none official BforArtists pdf guide. Talked onto:



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