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The background music is awsome Reiner!!

As some friend, i’m gonna give some constructive advice to help you better. This because i have notice at some moment in the song, it seem to slope (please dont take it bad). What i like is that the words is very clear, i have heard songs that the words was unclear. Example of different words (stay – slay – lay), so making peoples understand clear the words is thumbs up.

Me it’s a long time ago that i did not sing. My teacher had show me a way to practice my vocals. Its good to practice the vowels, because in words they have a lot of (a-e-i-o-u…). So an exercice that i teach you also, that have been teach to me about vowels. You simply prononce the “linked letters” in a same breath (a-e-i-o-u…), but you put it in the tone of the musical note “DO”. After you do the same: (a-e-i-o-u….) on the tone of “RE”. Then in the tone of “MI”, after “FA”; and so on. Like if you would sing (I-and-You), you hear the vowels (i-u) there are linked. Also singing the letters on different level of notes, practice yourself to sing bottom notes or high notes; and between. You can also practice to simply say the letter “A” starting from a low pitch to a high pitch. Then from a high pitch to a low pitch. And so on….

An other tip for you Reiner is to release the muscles of your face, it might seem stupid this tip but it help and do no harm. For relaxing your face, you simply do some ugly face of you opening wide your mouth, stretching out your tongue, stretching your cheeks; like if you would want to scare some people in front of you. This will make the muscles of your face stretch, i know it seem silly but it’s true. Just think when you simply eat food, what you do? You stretch the muscle of your mouth, stretch your cheeks and your tongue. Doing the very ugly face help relaxe these muscles.

Very long time ago i have created and composed a song, my voice has matured because i was very young. It’s a song in french that i have writen and composed, for a girl that was a friend when i have gone in primary school. We where just friends, she loved a young guy; and one day she was so sad because of him, she have put an end to her life. It has shocked me, because i liked her very much.

If you want, here is this (french song) that you can listen online; when i was very young:


I dont sing much into, only the repeating part of the song. The rest i say the story of the song. The music is simply some piano notes that i have recorder from sound online. Then with free audio softwares i could (speed up the playing) of the note, wich resulted in a high note. Played the sond very slow, this make the sound note get lower. Like if you would play some vinyl disc record at high speed or slow speed. Then with audio free softwares that i could add before and after some sound, to extend the music length helped me. After play the music and put more notes into, like putting some different levels (layers of music). Have took me a lot of time, not having much ressources.