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Well i try what i can to make more known the software BforArtists and try to help BforArtists to have more members. On the forum i have spoken mostly beside other forums, i can say it have reached 12,000 views in such a short time. I’ll try on other forums to talk about BforArtists and encourage peoples be members of here.

Not sure if there is more members here since the time i have spoken about here? But i do believe with the stats of views and some of my stats, there is certainly some interrest in my free pdf none official guide about BforArtists.

I wonder if some day i could create books or guides explaining things about BforArtists and make some money with it legally? But not sure that in time, making some money with some none official books; or none official guide will happen. Because i have writen many free pdf guides, on many softwares without making some profits of any types; and no money at all.

Still i wonder if i could do this? What should i do to make this possible? Many informations also to respect BforArtists and it’s members. Brief it’s important for my self to be correct, as i think that i have been correct putting an article on my linkedin account; to promote onto linkedin about BforArtists. So it’s important for me to know, to be correct and honnest.