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Hi threedslider :)

Yes, i couldn’t resist to throw our hat into the ring too ^^

The biggest problems is not to implement such features. But to maintain it then. I already get killed by keeping just our handful changes at the C code in sync with the Blender repository. That’s why the best option is of course to work with the Blender developes. There are some hurdles though. Committing patches to them is a gamble. And even when they accept it then, it can take years until it finds the way into their source code. There is no game engine anymore and so on.

But looking at your list we would most probably run into problems in Bforartists too. We don’t have a game engine anymore neither. Something that i don’t really want to change, sorry. When you want to make a game, then you are simply better suited with Unity or Unreal or Godot.

The new modeling tools and updating the motrack workflow sounds interesting though. Do you plan to add the modeling features with an addon, or natively integrated into the source code?

Everything node based is in the Blender pipeline already.

I know that somebody managed to speed up Cycles by a fair amount. But wasn’t that a commercial story then?

Kind regards