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Sounds like a heap of work ahead. :D – I was just playing around with the Blender 2.8 beta a bit and I would suggest to really work with it for a while and use it as is on a larger project form start to finish. – The workflow has changed quite a bit from Blender 2.7 and not to the worse as it seems. In order to avoid “fixing” things that are different from BfA V1 but actually make sense within the new interface it would be good to have a thorough understanding of the vanilla Blender 2.8 first, before jumping into making improvement plans.

I think they actually did a good job at cleaning the interface up. It’s all tugged away in menus now, but functions are very easy to locate if needed and out of the way if not. – As for the icons they also seem to work in the size they are at the moment. Although they could definetely benefit from color coding them in groups like it was suggested on this forum once.

Just some thoughts, let´s see how this all progresses and see what the final 2.8 release will actually bring us.